21-Year-Old Mixed Martial Artist Drops During a Fight – Sudden Cardiac Event Expected to Leave Him Brain Damaged

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A young mixed martial arts fighter has been hospitalized after suffering a cardiac arrest during a match.

Isaiah Abels, 21, was fighting at a Southern Indiana Combat event in Evansville, Indiana, on March 4 when he suffered the medical emergency, according to Cageside Press, a website that focuses on mixed martial arts.

Abels’ twin brother, Zach Abels, explained what happened in a Facebook post.

After having won the first round, Abels moved on to the second round where he attempted a takedown of his opponent.

He continued to pressure his opponent, Zach Abels wrote, but collapsed to his knees after taking a step forward.

Initially, the referee failed to realize what was happening, Zach Abels wrote.

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