29 House Democrats Turn Against Biden and Side with Republicans to Pass Gas Stove Measure

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Bipartisanship flared in the House on Wednesday in an effort to snuff out the Biden administration’s war to effectively ban gas stoves.

The House voted 251 to 181 in favor of the amendment from Republican Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama that would “prohibit the Secretary of Energy from implementing its proposed rule regarding gas stoves, or any other rule that would limit consumer access to gas stoves.”

To hit that total, 29 Democrats voted along with 222 Republicans.

The Biden-era Consumer Product Safety Commission at one time wanted to ban the stoves, but after that concept was shelved, a proposed Department of Energy regulation called for new energy efficiency standards that amounted to a de facto ban by setting standards few existing stoves can meet, according to Fox News.

Palmer, head of the House Republican Policy Committee, said Democrats who did not support his bill are making life harder for average Americans.

“Despite all their words to the contrary, House Democrats are supportive of federal bureaucrats’ attempts to ban gas stoves. By voting against my amendment to prevent the Department of Energy from implementing its anti-natural gas agenda, they have shown themselves to be complicit,” Palmer said.

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