2A Win: Judge Blocks Voter-Approved Gun Control Law Called ‘Most Extreme’ in Nation

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An Oregon judge has put on hold a gun control law Oregon voters barely approved in a 2022 referendum.

The law, known as Measure 114, passed with 50.65 percent of the vote and only won majorities in six of Oregon’s 36 counties. The law mandates a permit to buy any kind of gun, bans any magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and was labeled “the nation’s most extreme gun control Initiative” by the National Rifle Association, according to Fox News.

“This Thanksgiving, we can be thankful for Article I, section 27 and its continued protection of our right to bear arms,” attorney Tony Aiello Jr., who represented two gun owners, said.

A central point in dispute was whether the concept of semi-automatic and automatic weapons was such a break with the past that Oregon’s state constitution did not apply.

“The idea that Oregon’s pioneers intended to freeze the firearm technology accessible by Oregonians to antiques is ridiculous on its face,” Aiello said.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said the state will appeal.

“The Harney County judge’s ruling is wrong. Worse, it needlessly puts Oregonians’ lives at risk,” she said.

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