4 Words on Megyn Kelly’s Vacation Hat Have Fans Cheering Her: ‘Best Hat Ever’

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Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly jumped to Twitter on Saturday displaying a red ballcap that garnered a ton of compliments, but it might not be the red hat you are thinking about.

Kelly, who hosts the podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show,” posted a message about being in Miami for a friend’s 50th birthday, but the birthday message was not what raised such a clatter. It was her hat that did the trick.

On her head, the talk show host, who recently pulled her kids out of a New York school over the school’s woke agenda, wore a red hat reminiscent of former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign hat. But hers had a different message.

The hat read, “Make Women Female Again.”

Transgenderism has been a particular focus for Kelly on her podcast, especially since Bud Light beer hired transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to flog its brand, sparking a massive boycott that has cost to company millions in sales revenue.

Kelly later told fans that she bought her hat from adulthumanfemale.us.

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