400 gallons of gas stolen from North Carolina gas station after thief hacks pump

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On Monday night, one unsuspecting gas station in North Carolina lost $1600 worth of fuel after being targeted by a new kind of hi-tech approach of theft at the pump.

It’s a part of a rising trend in the USA as gas prices break all-time highs.

As the local Fox 8 station explains, the owner of the Bizzy Bee Grocery gas station lost 400 gallons of gas within a 45-minute window. The thief was able to do so through a gadget that switches the gas pump to a standalone mode.

This option allows for fuel to be dispensed without the need to pay for it. After the thief used his bypass mechanism, dozens of cars had soon shown up to get free gas, enough that soon there was a line at this station, which was an unusual sight since it was after the store had closed for the evening. Eventually, one regular customer took notice of the oddity and called the cops to deal with the situation.

“Well I lost a lot of money last night, it’s a lot of money to be lost. It’s really bad,” recounted Hardik Patel, the station owner.

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