4,000 Join New York City Parade Marking 30 Years Since Introduction of Falun Gong

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NEW YORK—Around this time every year, thousands from New York and around the world would flood some of Manhattan’s busiest streets to celebrate a day they hold dear to their hearts. And this year is no exception.

Although the pandemic has cut down travel, around 4,000 Falun Gong adherents from New York and elsewhere gathered on Friday in the Big Apple to mark World Falun Dafa Day. Their bright yellow or blue shirts made them stand out as they marched from east 47th Street down to west 42nd Street. The date, May 13, also coincides with the birthday of the discipline’s founder Li Hongzhi.

This year is the 30th year since Li introduced the practice in China in 1992. The meditation practice is rooted in traditional Chinese belief systems, teaching the values of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance to help with holistic mind and body improvement.

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