5 Years Ago, Trump Did What Clinton, Bush and Obama Couldn’t

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On Dec. 6, 2017, then-President Donald Trump did something that his three immediate predecessors never could: He officially recognized Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel and moved the U.S. Embassy there.

At the time of the announcement, Trump said the move was in the best interests of the “pursuit of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

“Israel is a sovereign nation with the right, like every other sovereign nation, to determine its own capital. Acknowledging this is a fact is a necessary condition for achieving peace,” Trump said.

What made this move so remarkable was that Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both vowed to make it, but they never came through. President Barack Obama, meanwhile, acknowledged that “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel.”

But it was Trump who stuck his neck out for our closest ally in the Middle East and officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital as a matter of foreign policy.

On Twitter, a pro-Trump account celebrated the five-year anniversary by saying, “Bill Clinton promised to do it. George W. Bush promised to do it. Barack Obama promised to do it. But only one president actually did it.”

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