'50 male hysterectomies': Oregon alters health records to reflect gender identity, not biological sex

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Fifty males had hysterectomies in Oregon in 2022 according to Oregon Health Authority data provided to a state representative.

Rep. Ed Diehl requested data regarding so-called “gender-affirming” procedures performed in the state during the debate surrounding HB 2002, a bill that requires health insurance companies to cover the cost of sex change interventions. Along with the 50 hysterectomies performed on males, there were some other curiosities, including 47 males undergoing “chest masculinization” surgery, and 13 males undergoing “genital masculinization.”

Such anomalies are the result of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) no longer tracking the biological sex of its patients, but instead allowing people to mark this field based on their gender identity.

According to Diehl, this means tracking sex no longer provides any value since people are marking these fields based on how they feel, not on the reality of their bodies. 

“Sex dis-aggregated data has been vitally important in the medical field because men and women have different health outcomes, respond to medications differently, respond to disease differently, and require different approaches to surgeries, etc. This will limit our ability to study and improve health outcomes,” tweeted Diehl.

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