5th-Grade Student Suicidal After Teacher Allegedly Forces Her to Use Name ‘Leo’, Male Pronouns – ‘I Wanna Kill Myself’

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Remote learning during the pandemic awakened many parents to what their children were being taught by activist teachers.

It might be time to consider forcing schools to offer parents a means to monitor what is going on inside classrooms in real time now that kids are back in class and at the mercy of the American left’s political and social agendas.

A teacher in New York is accused of encouraging a 10-year-old girl to identify as a boy throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

According to a lawsuit from the child’s parents, she was failed by the school system at every level as administrators made a concerted effort to leave them in the dark about it.

The family of the girl is suing Debra Rosenquist, a teacher at Terryville Road Elementary School in Port Jefferson Station on Long Island.

According to an attorney representing the family affected by the teacher’s alleged actions, the child had never expressed a desire to explore a different “gender identity,” but became tormented after her fifth-grade teacher began to refer to her by male pronouns and the name “Leo.”

That was part of a pattern where vulnerable children were encouraged to “try being gay,” or to identify as boys if they were girls or girls if they were boys, according to the lawsuit.

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