John Oliver’s attempt to smear a Critical Race Theory critic backfires spectacularly

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Comedian John Oliver delved into the debate over critical race theory in the American educational system on his show “Last Week Tonight,” essentially taking the opportunity to slam parents, politicians, and anyone who doesn’t like children being taught racist ideas and ideologies. He slammed education activist Christopher Rufo for daring to point out that teaching white men to hate themselves isn’t exactly a great use of taxpayer dollars, or of corporate time.

In Oliver’s view, the problem with the opposition to critical race theory is that it is in service to the concept of school choice, and for that he chooses to paint Christopher Rufo as the bogeyman.

School choice would allow parents to be able to choose where to spend their educational tax dollars, whether that be in public schools, private, parochial, charter, or home schools. In his view, parents should not have the option of where to send their kids to school unless they are already wealthy and able to afford private school in addition to paying their taxes to fund public school.

Oliver complained that the concerns about critical race theory is nothing more than “noise,” before showing parents who have spoken up at school board meetings over the past year to demand that this curriculum be removed from classrooms.

A thread from Andrew Follett goes into even more detail. Oliver’s claims about Loudon County, Virg. schools are entirely wrong. He lashes out at parents who spoke up for this kids, forgetting entirely that this is the school district that covered up the rape of a girl in a bathroom, as well as where the school board made an “enemies list” of parents.

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