‘Absolutely Unprecedented’: ‘NFL RedZone’ Studio Forced to Evacuate During Live Broadcast as Alarm Blares

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The “NFL RedZone” program has become appointment viewing for swathes of fans thanks to the “seven hours of commercial-free football” that host Scott Hanson promises viewers every Sunday.

Well, fans who tuned into “RedZone” on Sunday certainly got their seven hours of football action — but also got quite a bit more than they expected.

As a quick refresher for anyone not familiar with how “RedZone” operates: Hanson narrates while sitting in a studio throughout Sunday’s slate of NFL games and brings viewers into real-time big moments for every game.

The idea is to keep football fans engaged with constant on-field action, as opposed to subjecting them to the starts and stops that typically accompany a standalone NFL game (due to timeouts, commercials, changes of possession, etc.)

For the most part, the program works as intended, as it is one of the most popular ways of watching the pro football. In fact, a 2017 article on NFL.com noted that even British fans loved watching “RedZone.”

In that 6-year-old article, Hanson said he likened his role as “RedZone” host to that of being a surfer. And as a surfer needs some big waves to make things happen, he said his “waves” were terrific games.

“When you’re a skillful surfer, and you see that wave, there’s no time to hit pause,” Hanson said. “You get on that board, position your toes, and you ride it. When it all comes together, it’s a beautiful thing for a surfer.”

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