ACLU sues Montana to demand they allow child sex changes

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the state of Montana over a bill recently signed into law by the governor banning child sex changes. The lawsuit alleges that the bill, signed on April 28, violates the Montana Constitution which states “No person shall be denied equal protection of the laws.”

“The new law provides commonsense protections for Montana children – who can’t even enter into contracts or buy cigarettes or alcohol – from harmful, life-altering medications and surgeries. This lawsuit is an attempt by a leftist organization to push their radical, fact-free gender ideology on Montanans and circumvent the lawmaking process since they didn’t get their way in the election,” said Attorney General Austin Knudsen spokeswoman Emily Flower.

“The Act, on its face and as applied, denies patients equal protection of the laws on the basis of their gender identity, transgender status, and sex. It discriminates on the basis of gender identity, which is also a form of discrimination on the basis of sex,” the lawsuit alleges.

The ACLU claims that the bill targets transgender people, “and only transgender people,” because it prohibits medicalized gender transitions of minors.

“The Act treats similarly situated groups differently because the same medical treatments that are prohibited when provided to transgender adolescents to help align their bodies with their gender identity may be provided to cisgender adolescents for any other purpose,” the lawsuit states.

In the case of puberty blockers, these drugs are not FDA-approved for the use of treating gender dysphoria, and were instead created to treat precocious puberty, or when a child hits puberty too soon.

Restrictions on medical treatments as well as the promotion of items such as binders, “serve no legitimate purpose,” the lawsuit states.

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