Activist Nuns Strategically Buy Smith & Wesson Shares to Force Gun Control Policies

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A group of activist Catholic nuns who own a small amount of Smith & Wesson stock have filed a lawsuit in hopes of stopping the company’s manufacture of “AR-15-style rifles.”

The nuns demonstrated their ignorance of firearms in the very first paragraph of the statement they issued regarding the lawsuit, saying, “These rifles have no purpose other than mass murder.”

The statement did not explain how, if that were true, virtually none of the 20 million such rifles currently in civilian hands in the U.S. has ever been used in even a single murder.

The suit claims that company leadership has exposed shareholders to potential liability by “intentionally violating federal, state and local laws and failing to respond to lawsuits over mass shootings,” according to the New York Post.

The lawsuit was filed in a state court in Nevada, where Smith & Wesson is incorporated.

The suit, which highlights a number of shooting incidents in the U.S. in which the criminal used an AR-15 or similarly styled rifle, is a “derivative” lawsuit, which allows shareholders to sue company boards if they fail to fulfill their duties to shareholders.

According to the Post, the plaintiffs cannot profit from the lawsuit; any damages the court find the board responsible for would be paid to the company itself.

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