Actor Announces ‘Early Retirement’ from Hollywood in Order to Travel the US ‘Before It Falls Into Socialism and Then Communism’

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Hollywood actor Isaiah Washington said he is retiring early from the entertainment industry and will spend his time visiting as much of the country as he can before it is overtaken by communists and socialists.

In his farewell, Washington did not express a great deal of hope that the country can be reclaimed from the evil forces that motivate the left.

In a lengthy statement he posted on his Twitter page on Tuesday, the actor stated, “It is with a heavy heart and a sense of relief that I am announcing my early retirement from the entertainment industry today.”

He said in 12 years on Twitter he had “fought the good fight” but said he felt that the “haters, provocateurs and the Useful Idiots” had won.

“I’m no longer interested in the back and forth regarding a ‘color construct’ that keeps us human beings divided nor am I interested in politics or anything vitriolic,” he continued. “I will be traveling this great country before it falls into Socialism and then Communism.”

“Until then, know that this Frederick Douglass Conservative will keep his powder dry and loves you all!” he added. “I am truly grateful for your support over the years.”

He also said his new Western crime drama “Corsicana,” which he directed and starred in, will be his final contribution to film or TV.

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