After doxxing Libs of Tik Tok, Taylor Lorenz complains that her family was 'doxxed'

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After Taylor Lorenz doxed Libs of Tik Tok in the pages of the Washington Post, she complained that her “whole family was doxxed.” Then she deleted the tweet.

“After my whole family was doxxed again this morning trolls have now moved on to doxxing and stalking any random friend I’ve tagged on IG,” Lorenz wrote.

“They’re posting their personal details of my friends and sending threatening texts w/ messages ‘I noticed you are close to Taylor Lorenz…'”

Lorenz posted details of the messages that she said were sent to her friends and family.

Lorenz had published personal details of the account owner for Libs of Tik Tok before the Washington Post later scrubbed the details from the article, and had gone knocking on the doors of family members of Libs of Tik Tok in order to find out more details about the owner of the account.

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