Aggressive Trump Critic Michael Rapaport Admits ‘I Was Wrong,’ Makes ‘Shocking Conversion’

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It’s amazing how, bit-by-bit, facts are dawning on people.

Yesterday’s unshakeable truths — vaccines/lockdowns/masks good, 2020 election fair, Biden a bit slow but the best choice — are all disintegrating in real time.

Public policymaker response to COVID was a joke, election corruption is undeniable and the president’s news conference performance this week sealed the deal in a lot of minds that Biden cannot go on as president.

And then there’s the whole idea that Donald Trump as president was the worst thing to have ever happened to America.

Some have changed their minds on that. Big-time.

As in none other than actor/comedian Michael Rapaport who, despite vicious rants against Trump, now says he’s considering voting for him.

“There was no Trump critic who was more vicious or profane,” Rebel News publisher and Canadian conservative activist Ezra Levant tweeted of Rapaport.

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