AI facial recognition can find out who your friends are based on surveillance footage

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The San Jose-based tech company Vintra, which delivers “AI-powered video analytics,” has developed facial recognition software that identifies who a person’s friends and acquaintances may be through “correlation analysis” and “co-appearance” technology that scans surveillance footage.

According to Tech Xplore, Vintra’s CEO, Brent Boekestein, said in a presentation of the software last year, “You can go up here and create a target, based off of this guy, and then see who this guy’s hanging out with. You can really start building out a network.”

“96 percent of the time, there’s no event that security’s interested in but there’s always information that the system is generating,” Boekestein added.

The software uses a method that captures the image of a subject, scans through older video of said subject, and then uses an algorithm to sort out who has appeared with the subject and with how much frequency. 

Boekestein’s company presented the new AI-driven software last year at the surveillance research group IPVM’s Video Analytics Show, and sold it as part of a package of tools used for video analysis. 

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