Al Sharpton Threatens McDonald’s, Accuses Company of Racism for What He Says Comes with Big Macs

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Left-wing activist and President of the National Action Network, Al Sharpton, has accused McDonald’s of failing to properly address accusations of racial discrimination by the company.

In a Thursday letter sent to McDonald’s Corporation, Sharpton demanded that the company rectify “longstanding” issues regarding their allegedly discriminatory practices.

Otherwise, Sharpton warned that he and his group would “mobilize to demand action against the fast-food giant.”

“We find it appalling and inexcusable that McDonald’s Corporation has not satisfied its differences with the Black community,” Sharpton said in the letter, before noting the number of legal woes already facing the fast food titan.

“There are lawsuits brought by Black franchises. Another brought by a Black former executive over racial discrimination from the highest levels.”

Sharpton doubled down on his claims of McDonald’s being racist, accusing the the fast food chain of only offering a “little justice” with its signature Big Macs — and little else.

“You cannot sell Black folks Big Macs and give us little justice,” he wrote.

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