Alert: TSA Now Wants Your Biometric Data at These 25 Airports

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It seems like government gets more intrusive into our lives and invades our privacy more every year, and now the Transportation Security Administration is taking things further by setting up facial recognition technology for passengers trying to board planes in many of the nation’s airports.

The TSA is currently testing the new tech — which it calls “Touchless Identity Solution” — at 25 medium-size and large airports and has plans to roll it out at every airport in the country, Fox News reported Monday.

“The way the TSA uses facial recognition is by taking pictures of passengers and comparing them with the passenger’s identification,” the outlet said.

“Typically, when going through the security process at a domestic airport, a passenger will hand over their driver’s license, and a TSA agent will place the license into a card reader to verify if the ID is real or fake,” the report said.

“With this new process, your ID would still be placed into the card reader, and then the TSA agent would take a picture of your face in real-time. That picture will be processed to see if it matches the picture on your driver’s license. The agent will then approve the screening once the picture is verified.”

Once approved, the passenger then moves on to the rest of the screening process.

“What we are trying to do with this is aid the officers to actually determine that you are who you say who you are,” Jason Lim, TSA identity management capabilities manager, said during a recent demonstration of the technology to reporters at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, The Associated Press reported.

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