All-girls California high school has students make 'pronoun buttons' at diversity festival

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A recent report highlights how an all-girls Catholic high school in California injected progressive gender ideology into their school’s “cultural” fair. Student attendees were subjected to rhetoric about transgenderism and LGBTQ lifestyles, which in itself clashes with the fact that this took place at a religious private school.

This recent report comes from the Parents Defending Education group which talks about an event at Carondelet High School back at the end of January. It included presentations about gender identity ideology and involved an activity where students could make “pronoun buttons.”

It was billed as the “Community During Community” festival sponsored by the DEI Council. A post on the school’s Instagram page indicates how students were incentivized via a “passport” system to visit as many booths as possible because they got prizes in doing so.

The National GSA Alliance had a booth at the event. A glance at their national website shows that the purpose of the GSA is to create a national movement of LGBTQ student activists.

One student’s mother told Parents Defending Education that what these events are teaching goes against the Catholic faith.  

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