Alvin Bragg defends releasing illegal immigrants who beat up NYPD—says video evidence wasn't enough

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New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg defended his decision to release the illegal immigrants who allegedly beat up two NYPD officers, without bail, saying that the video of the attack wasn’t enough because authorities could not “conclusively identify each defendant.” 

According to reports from CNN, the DA said in a press conference that the group of illegal immigrants could not be held in custody.

“In a court of law,” Bragg said, “our profound obligation is to make sure we have right people charged with the right crimes. I don’t think New Yorkers want to charge the wrong person.” 

“There is a presumption of pre-trial non-incarceration for every case except those with charges of homicide or the death of a victim,” he added.  

When reporters chased down Bragg prior to the press conference, he refused to comment or answer any more questions regarding the matter. 

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