America in 2024: New Spa Caters to Adults Who Love Cribs, Diapers

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A spa tucked away in a small New Hampshire town sounds like the scene for the kind of quaint weekend jaunt that might be the premise for an episode of “Gilmore Girls.”

Alas, I stopped watching that show after the sixth season, so I don’t if there was an episode with a wacky mixup where Lorelei and Rory book themselves into a spa where adults have to wear diapers 24/7 and sleep in cribs — not because they need those things, but because they want them — but, in Atkinson, New Hampshire, one can avail themselves of those services thanks to the first self-described “physician-owned Diaper Spa in the world,” according to WHDH-TV.

To be fair, it’d be kind of hard for even the densest of sitcom characters to end up at the diaper spa through a mixup, because it literally calls itself “The Diaper Spa.” It caters to the ABDL — or “adult baby/diaper lover” — community and costs $200 an hour for “virtual playdates” or $1,500 for a “Diaper B&B” experience where you can stay all day to nurture “the little one inside of you,” according to

But, rest assured, local Atkinsonians: Not a bit of this has to do with strange fetishes or misfiring human sexuality. So don’t worry, even if it’s reportedly close to a public park where children might be playing.

“The most common misconception I hear about ABDL is that the community is composed of pedophiles, perverts, and sex offenders,” said Dr. Colleen Ann Murphy, who established the Diaper Spa.

“This is blatantly not true,” she said. Instead, being in diapers “helps them process whatever trauma it was.”

“A lot of times it’s childhood trauma when they were in diapers or just getting out of diapers and they want to feel that safety that they had before that.”

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