American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parental rights advocates want to roll back child abuse protections

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The CEO of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently linked parental rights advocates seeking to defend their fundamental right to make decisions about how to raise their children with an effort to roll back child abuse protections.

Mark Del Monte made the comments in a virtual Child Health Advocacy event hosted by the Oregon Pediatric Society in April this year after being asked to share his perspectives on the rights of children. 

In a clip of the discussion shared on Twitter by parental rights advocate Megan Brock, Del Monte appears to connect the grassroots movement of parents campaigning to have gender ideology and sexually explicit content removed from school curriculum with the denial of child abuse and abusive head trauma.

“If you look at efforts to seek individualized permission…about curriculum decisions in school…or efforts to rollback child abuse protection or deny that there’s such a thing as abusive head trauma…or opt-out of public health approaches, from vaccines to masking to fluoride, you add up all of these things, even though they seem like different topics, what I worry about…is that it is a consistent and steady diminution of the rights of a child as a child,” explained Del Monte.

Del Monte believes that allowing parents to make decisions about what their child is taught, or what medical procedures their child is to undergo is essentially rolling back “100 years of legal developments around the rights of children and [turning] them back into property.”

He then went on to draw a baffling comparison with society 100 years ago when the concept of child abuse did not exist in its modern form and cruelty to children was considered in the same category as cruelty to animals, and appeared to suggest that we are currently taking “small, steady, incremental steps” back to those days.

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