American schools are failing kids after closures, remote learning

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Reading and math scores drastically fell for American students during the Covid pandemic from 2020 and 2022.

The Associated Press reports that a study from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), focused on 9-year-old students, found the average score for math fell 7 points, which marked the first decrease in the history of the study’s testing regimen. Reading fell 5 points which was the largest drop in 30 years.

Acting associate commissioner of NCES, Daniel McGrath, said, “These are some of the largest declines we have observed in a single assessment cycle in 50 years of the NAEP program. Students in 2022 are performing at a level last seen two decades ago.”

Commissioner of the NCES, Peggy Carr, said that the statistics painted a “sobering picture.”

All regions of the country saw decreases in math with outcomes better in the West and South compared to the Midwest and Northeast. Geographically the drop was uniform with regard to reading.

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