American service member is suspect in Syria explosion that injured 4 US troops

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A United States service member is under investigation by the Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and is considered a suspect in the April explosion that injured four US servicemen at a base in eastern Syria.

The potential suspect is back in the United States, according to a statement from Patrick Barnes, a spokesman for the Army Criminal Investigation Division. The suspect has not been identified.

The explosion hit two support buildings and injured four service members. The service members sustained minor injuries and were evaluated for possible traumatic brain injuries, according to Associated Press.

The United States military initially reported that the April 7 blast was caused by artillery or another form of indirect fire, but later issued a correction and said the attack was carried out by one or more individuals that “deliberately placed explosive charges” at an ammunition holding area and shower facility on the Green Village base, AP reports.

Several hundred US troops are currently stationed in Syria to help combat the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS).

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