Americans at 30 year high for taking on second jobs

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A record number of Americans are taking up second jobs, freelancing, or identifying as independent workers while already holding down one job.

According to The Hill, about one quarter of the Americans who took the McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey (AOS) said they had to take the extra work “out of necessity to support basic family needs.”

Roughly 58 million Americans, or about 38 percent of employed respondents to the survey, identified as “independent workers,” or people who work as freelancers, gig workers, rent out living spaces to others, or other jobs.

“The projection of independent workforce numbers includes both full-time work and those engaged in a side job. Yet 72 percent said they only hold one job,” The Hill reported.

While around half of the respondents said they were taking the extra work for flexibility or because they like the work that they did, a quarter of those surveyed working multiple jobs said they were experiencing financial difficulty paying for food, childcare, and transportation.

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