America's first transgender bishop resigns after allegations of racism

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Transgender Lutheran bishop Megan Rohrer has resigned amidst allegations of racism after the bishop fired Pastor Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez, a popular Hispanic pastor in the Stockton, California community. Rohrer is the first openly transgender bishop in the Lutheran church in the US.

According to The Daily Mail, Rohrer arrived at Rabell-Gonzalez’s church on December 12, 2021 citing cause for his termination as verbal assault and harassment, allegations Rabell-Gonzalez has denied.

The mostly Mexican immigrant congregation of Mision Latina Luterana had gathered to celebrate the Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe and had no idea their pastor was set to be fired.

Rohrer wore a bulletproof vest to perform the firing and threatened to call the police if the congregants responded aggressively, which they’ve described as “an egregious action especially when dealing with the vulnerable communities of Black, Indigenous and People of Color.”

Many in the congregation also said Rohrer was smirking the entire time but the former bishop attributed that to autism.

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