ANDY NGO REPORTS: Far-left New York riot arrestee was out on bail for domestic terrorism in Atlanta

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A violent suspect who was arrested trying to shut down a pro-Daniel Penny rally in Manhattan was out on bond for a leftist domestic terrorism case in Atlanta.

Teresa Yue Shen, 31, of Brooklyn, was one of several far-left militants charged with domestic terrorism in January in Atlanta, following a deadly shooting incident at an Antifa-linked autonomous zone occupation at the heart of the “Stop Cop City” movement. Shen’s $20,000 bond was fronted by far-left activist Daniel Hanley. The Atlanta Solidarity Fund, a project of 501(c)(3) nonprofit Network For Strong Communities, has been raising cash for Antifa and domestic terrorism suspects arrested since last year. 

Shen graduated from Barnard College before working for Reuters and CNN. She is the daughter of a wealthy mainland Chinese pharma tycoon family.

On Wednesday, Shen was arrested by the NYPD at Collect Pond Park in lower Manhattan. Around 60 people gathered to show support for Daniel Penny, the Marine veteran being prosecuted for the death of violent homeless man, Jordan Neely. The rally attendees were then confronted by leftist counter-protesters, including Shen.

Domestic terrorism suspect Teresa Yue Shen has been arrested at far-left direct actions in multiple states

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