ANDY NGO REPORTS: How a child abduction suspect groomed his victim on Twitter

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A 26-year-old man accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old Utah boy and taking him across the country is revealed to be a dog fetishist and furry who allegedly groomed the child in disturbing online interactions.

Aaron Zeman, of Arizona, was with the missing child in Grand Island, Neb. when he was arrested on Dec. 28. A gasoline station attendant called police after growing suspicious of the suspect. The child, from Layton, Utah, was reported missing the day prior and a state-wide AMBER Alert was issued.

Aaron Zeman operated several Twitter accounts where he tweeted sexual posts to a 13-year-old boy

Press release about Aaron Zeman’s arrest

Zeman, who has accounts on Twitter dedicated to his furry and “puppy play” fetish, used the alias “Hunter Fox,” among others.

His Twitter posts in December leading up to the abduction showed him interacting with the currently restricted account belonging to the child, who he referred to as his “lamb.”

On Dec. 11, Zeman tweeted a photograph of his erect penis on his “@HunterHornyFox” account along with graphic text about having his “lamb” perform oral sex on him.

Aaron Zeman posted a photo of his erect penis and a message to the boy he allegedly abducted

The following day, Zeman posted cryptically on his “@HunterFloofyFox” account: “I’m the map. I’m the map, I’m the map.” It is unclear exactly what he was referring to but “M.A.P.” is an acronym for minor-attracted person, a euphemism used by some academics and activists to describe pedophiles.

Zeman is also believed to have operated a now-suspended account on Twitter named “@SadiqWolfe.” The account interacted frequently with the child who was abducted, and uses similar phrasing to Zeman’s other confirmed accounts.

“I’d never hurt a kid. In fact, as ‘pedophile’ implies – I love kids,” read a post pinned on the “@SadiqWolfe” account. “Love me, hate me, I am who I am.”

A ‘minor-attracted person’ account believed to be operated by Aaron Zeman

On Dec. 15, Zeman uploaded a video of him masturbating along with the text: “A very special video for a very special boy! Your vids are so friggin’ hot, hehe. You know who you are.” The child responded to Zeman’s pornographic tweet but his response has been restricted from view by Twitter.

By Dec. 16, Zeman posted that he was sexually aroused and ready to meet the boy: “I’ll march beside you with pride, my Lamb. I love you with all my heart and soul, you loving sexy frigger. You’ll be in my arms soon, my love.” The child responded to him again. A week and a half later, Zeman allegedly abducted the boy and transported him 800 miles away from his family home. 

Numerous explicit exchanges between Zeman and the boy on Twitter include Zeman repeatedly stating he wanted to have sex with him. On Dec. 18, Zeman wrote, “[T]he only thing that belongs inside you is me.”

The Post Millennial was able to confirm the Twitter accounts belonged to Zeman because in addition to photographs of his genitals and dog fetish clothing, he also posted selfies of his face that match the suspect photo released by the Layton City Police Department.

The boy’s disappearance played out in real time on Twitter as numerous individuals pleaded to Zeman to release the child.

“Give him back you jerk. That is my friend [redacted],” tweeted a boy to Zeman who attended Ellison Park Elementary School with the missing teen last year. He also tweeted directly to his friend. “Stay strong be careful me and [redacted] have been talking all day about this. I don’t know if you are going to read this, but if there is any way you do just remember to be strong.”

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