ANDY NGO REPORTS: Social media uproar over cross-dressing model who exposes privates in public spaces 

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Last week, Twitter user “@troonytoons” posted censored images of a cross-dresser taken from his Flickr account. The photos show user “Rosemary Times” lifting up his dress and skirt to expose his privates while inside the women’s section of a clothing store and a cafe.

Internet sleuths investigated and determined the photos were taken within various locations inside Nottingham’s Victoria Centre shopping mall, particularly at the House of Fraser department store and the Café Zest.

‘Rosemary Times’ posted photographs of himself without underwear while in the Victoria Centre shopping centre in Nottingham

The Victoria Centre acknowledged receiving TPM’s media inquiry, but did not respond to questions about how it plans to investigate the alleged indecent exposure within its stores. The shopping center supplied a brief statement to the Nottingham Post newspaper, however: “We are aware of the tweets in question and are looking into the incident. Any form of indecent exposure will not be tolerated and will result in our security team issuing an immediate ban from the centre and reporting any incident to Nottinghamshire Police.”

In addition to his Flickr, where his bio reads, “I love the feeling of wearing fabulous ladies [sic] clothing, especially out in public!,” he operated a TikTok and XVideos account. The sexually graphic account on XVideos was removed from public view within the same day of his alleged indecent exposure photos being posted on Twitter.

Internet caches of his XVideo account show he uploaded videos of himself masturbating outdoors while wearing women’s clothing with no underwear. He wrote on his profile that he “love[s] to go out in public crossdressed, play with my lady penis.” 

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