ANDY NGO REPORTS: Twitter locked my account and removed my screenshots of violent Antifa threats

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On Tuesday night, I was informed by Twitter that a story I broke on the platform about Antifa announcing plans on Twitter to attack a TPUSA event at the University of Oregon had violated its rules.

“Your account has been locked,” reads the notice when I log in. “We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically for: 1. Violating one of our Rules.” What rule that is is not stated. 

The tweet in question said exactly this: “#Antifa in Eugene, Ore. have announced plans to attack a @TPUSA campus event today featuring black speakers @Stephend176 & @AWatsonOLY. Antifa tell their members to wear black uniforms & masks (bloc), & to assault their targets. cc: @ellagirwin.” 

Ella Irwin is the head of Twitter’s trust and safety. I included a screenshot of a live tweet by one of the Antifa accounts advertising the violent direct action and a flyer for the TPUSA event. I also included a link to the URL of the tweet in question so that Twitter Safety and my followers can see the original post in context. 

Twitter removed this tweet for unspecified rule violations

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