Are There More Biden Top-Secret Dumps Coming? Press Sec’s Answer is Not Comforting

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The incompetence of White House Press Secretaries has been a feature — not a bug — during the Biden administration.

From Jen “Circle Back” Psaki to the current embarrassing performance of Karine Jean-Pierre, ineptness and negligence at communication act as a shield against transparency about what Biden and the staff who control him are up to.

So when an underling press secretary deflects a question by passing the buck to another federal entity, most reporters will take it in stride as a typical lack of preparation and move on.

However, when the subject of the question is Biden’s unfolding classified documents scandal, there is another possibility for why the press secretary played dumb: They need to hide as much information as possible.

Biden’s document scandal began in early November 2022 — a week before the midterm elections — but the information was withheld from the public until January 2023. So far, classified and official documents have been found at the Penn Biden Center think tank in Washington, D.C., and stored in Biden’s garage and home in Wilmington, Delaware.

The subject came up on Thursday during a press gaggle on Air Force One. In media terms, a gaggle refers to an informal but on-the-record briefing where no video recording is allowed.

When a reporter asked if Biden had any other stashes of classified documents waiting to be discovered, principal deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton referred the question to the White House counsel. The Post Millennial tweeted an audio clip of the exchange.

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