Area 51 Website Owner Speaks Out, Says Armed Feds Raided His Home

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The owner of a popular Area 51 website issued a statement after he claimed federal agents raided his homes at gunpoint several weeks ago.

“I discussed the case with an attorney specialized in Federal cases,” Joerg Arnu, proprietor of, told Fox News over the weekend.  “What I learned is truly incredible and in my opinion a much bigger story than the raid of my homes. What was done to me and my girlfriend, two unarmed, innocent, cooperating senior citizens, is apparently totally within the law. Truly incredible!”

Arnu added that he does not know why he was targeted and does not know what the agents were investigating. The Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported on the FBI and U.S. Air Force raid of his Nevada home, while Arnu published a statement to his website late last week.

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