Arizona Sheriff Reveals What Illegals Say to Officials After Crossing US Border – Bad News for Biden

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Arizona officials sounded the alarm about the devastating, pervasive impact the mass illegal immigration being incentivized by the Biden administration is having on their communities.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb testified Tuesday before the House Committee on Homeland Security as part of its hearing titled “Every State is a Border State: Examining Secretary Mayorkas’ Border Crisis.”

Lamb blamed President Joe Biden for incentivizing unfettered illegal immigration that fuels horrifying human and drug trafficking by violent cartels.

“When we ask people why they came here, they said, ‘Because Joe Biden said we could.’ And this is the reality of what we deal with every day,” he said.

“So clearly, the policies that have been — whether you call them open borders or not — they are affecting people coming here, and the cartels are taking advantage and marketing to people in other countries to come.”

The sheriff noted that the illegal aliens themselves are being abused, raped and enslaved by the cartels “that our policies have encouraged.”

“We, and by default, our lack of policies or weak border security is actually bringing those people to the doorsteps of the cartels to be enslaved, to be taken advantage of,” Lamb said.

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