As Americans Doubt Joe Biden’s Physical Health, Jill Biden Wants Husband to Stop Eating Like a Child: Report

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Okay. This might be the one time in history where I can commiserate with President Joe Biden.

That nagging voice I hear when I’m about to eat a 20-piece chicken McNugget meal or a large chocolate milkshake is apparently one the president is familiar with, too, if a new report from Axios is to be believed.

The key difference is that I’m not running to be president of the United States, so my health is of little concern to anyone outside of loved ones.

The same most certainly cannot be said about Biden’s health and well-being.

Axios reported that Jill Biden, the first lady, has been pushing Joe to eat healthier, much to the octogenarian’s chagrin.

Specifically, the outlet noted that Jill wants Joe to eat more “fish and veggies,” while the president “prefers carbs over greens.”

The report then spelled out the kinds of foods the president likes to eat — and you’d be excused if you thought you were looking at an 8-year-old’s diet, not an 80-year-old’s:

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