At least 5,904 US public schools have policies to allow educators to keep students’ gender identity secret from parents

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Over 3 million US public school students attend schools that have policies in place preventing teachers from informing parents if their child adopts a transgender identity, according to a new report published by Parents Defending Education.

On the list, there are 5,904 schools spanning 168 school districts that currently have “Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Policies” openly stating that district personnel can or should keep a student’s transgender status hidden from parents. The total number of students covered by such policies amounts to 3,268,752, but the list is not comprehensive meaning the number is certain to be higher.

The list contains school districts of all sorts, from wealthy to poor, urban and rural, red and blue.

“Over the past year, we’ve received a number of tips from parents across the country who’ve found these policies in their districts and were justifiably troubled by them; in fact, PDE has an active lawsuit in federal court right now challenging one of these policies in Iowa,” Nicole Neily, president and founder of Parents Defending Education told The Post Millennial.

“We realized this was an incredibly widespread phenomenon, and wanted to put all of this information in one place so parents could see whether their children were subject to one of these policies.”

Neily said it was important that parents recognize that “this is only the tip of the iceberg – there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of other districts that engage in similar practices.”

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