Athlete Speaks Out After 20-Year-Old Brother’s Autopsy Comes Back – ‘He Was a Super Fit and Healthy Kid’

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Last year, former Australian 400-meter runner Bella O’Grady lost her brother when he died suddenly at the finish line of the Melbourne half marathon.

Last month, she and her family received Xavier O’Grady’s autopsy results — but no real answers.

Xavier, whom Bella called “Xav,” died of cardiac arrest, but what caused the arrest was labeled “unascertainable.”

“On 2nd October last year my brother died at the end of the Melbourne half marathon,” Bella told Australia’s 7News during Saturday’s Sydney Track Classic.

“He died of a sudden cardiac arrest at the finish line and his autopsy came back as unascertainable so, no rhyme or reason as to what caused it,” she added. “He was a super fit and healthy kid, he’d just finished a season of colts rugby and anyone that knows me or my family knows that we’re all pretty close and very tight, and this has obviously been incredibly devastating.”

As a result, O’Grady and her family started a fundraising effort called “Heartbeats for Xav” to support Professor Chris Semsarian and his team in the Agnes Ginges Centre for Molecular Cardiology at the Centenary Institute.

“The Molecular Cardiology program is the study of genetic heart disorders,” the program’s website states. “Our major goal is to reduce human disease by combining basic science research and clinical cardiology.”

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