Attorney General Alleges Facebook Has ‘Become a Marketplace for Predators in Search of Children’ in New Lawsuit

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A new civil suit filed by the New Mexico attorney general’s office alleges that Instagram and Facebook have become platforms that offer opportunities for child predators to interact with children.

The suit follows one that was filed by dozens of attorneys general in October that made similar accusations against Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta empire.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday, alleged that Zuckerberg is personally responsible for making Instagram a place where children are not safe.

The suit claimed the platform is designed in such a way that profits from advertising are more important than the safety of its younger users.

Officials at the New Mexico attorney general’s office said they were able to prove that Meta is designed to place children in vulnerable positions online after they created false accounts that purported to be teens and preteens.

According to the lawsuit, as reported by the Journal, those false accounts were immediately bombarded with inappropriate sexual content.

Not only were the accounts — which used images generated through artificial intelligence — bombarded with explicit content, but they were also targeted by adults.

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