Audit Confirms Big Republican Win in Georgia

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A hand count of random batches of votes in Georgia’s election this month for secretary of state has confirmed Republican Brad Raffensperger’s victory, state election officials said.

The audit — required by state law — turned up a small difference in votes from the machine count used during the election, but the difference was within the expected margin of error, the Secretary of State’s office announced Friday.

“This audit shows that our system works and that our county election officials conducted a secure, accurate election,” Raffensperger said in a statement.

The audit stems from a law passed in 2019, not from concerns about the integrity of the state’s election results.

An audit is required for general elections in even-numbered years on a race selected by the secretary of state. It must be completed before the election results are certified.

Raffensperger, the incumbent, announced earlier this month that he was choosing his race for the audit. He beat Democratic state House Rep. Bee Nguyen.

In 2020, Raffensperger chose the presidential contest in Georgia between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the risk-limiting audit. In those audits, the smaller the margin between candidates in a race, the larger the sample of ballots that must initially be audited.

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