Australian woman disabled after attack by trans-identified male says she was targeted for standing up for women's rights

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An Australian woman has been left permanently disabled after being assaulted by a trans-identified male in what she believes was a targeted attack in retaliation for her gender-critical views.

Using the false name Ruby to protect the woman’s identity, Reduxx reports that she and her partner were attending the Punks Pub Crawl annual event in Melbourne when the incident occurred.

“I had only just arrived with my partner sometime around 3pm. There were about 70 people or so attending the crawl. The whole group of us stopped at Carlton Gardens for a group photo,” Ruby, a bass guitarist, told Reduxx.

“I was walking away, talking to a friend when I noticed one male walking beside the group but in the opposite direction to the rest of us,” she went on. “As he passed me he shoulder-barged me hard, and I stopped to address him.”

Ruby describes the individual as “male, but not obviously ‘trans’,” and recalls thinking her attacker’s attire was classic punk instead. 

“He just looked like a metal head with lipstick on, and I had never seen him before in my life,” she says. In the police report seen by Reduxx, the trans-identified male is described as being approximately 5’7” with long dark hair wearing a black shirt and black pants.

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