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Retired attorney Sally Saxon, J.D., talks about our future freedoms, why there’s hope, and the tragic spark that made her write an Amazon bestseller—“The COVID-19 VACCINES & Beyond: What the Medical Industrial Complex Is NOT Telling Us.”

For Saxon, it started with the injuries. When nurses and doctors across America rolled up their sleeves and took the first COVID-19 shots, they became ground zero for serious adverse events. The nation’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the first line of defense against a bad pharmaceutical product on the market, set off hundreds of safety alarms in 2021. But as Saxon details in her book, America’s regulatory agencies were looking the other way. Legacy media did the same. And injured healthcare professionals who put their faith in the system are now finding themselves abandoned.


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“The irony is that the shot they took in order to keep their job ended up leading to them having to leave their job because they could no longer perform it. So you had a decrease in their family household income, but the expenses significantly increased, because their insurance wasn’t covering a lot of their expenses, their doctors were denying that there was any connection to the vaccine, and telling them that the problems were all in their head,” she told Frontline Health.

Saxon is now looking to organize an event to support Americans injured by the COVID-19 vaccines. She hopes her book will help cover the expenses.


Dan Skorbach:

Recently you wrote a book called ‘The COVID-19 Vaccines & Beyond… What the Medical Industrial Complex is Not Telling Us.’ Before we get into it, what we really want to know is what motivated you, and what was your intention behind writing this book or approaching the subject.

Sally Saxon:

Originally, I was in the middle of doing an expanded and updated version of another book, that I was going to include a couple chapters about COVID. So I had already started doing research on the topics. And then as I started hearing more interviews of people who had been injured by the vaccines, that really broke my heart.

If you listen to any of their stories and their testimonies, it can be gut-wrenching to hear what they’ve been going through. So then I started focusing more just on the vaccines and decided that I need to do something, whatever I can do as an individual to help stop the vaccines.

So I started writing a little report that was originally going to be just for healthcare professionals. But then, as I did more research, I found more I thought should be included. And so by the summer of last year, I had a booklet and I thought I need to get some professional medical critique of what I’d written. That’s when I was introduced to Dr. Deborah Viglione, who then showed my manuscript to Dr. James Thorp. And they decided that they should help me with this, so they added some sections to it and reviewed the whole thing. And we kept adding to it until it became what it was. And then they reached out to some of their colleagues when the manuscript was done, and got endorsements from people like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr. Bryan Ardis, and several others. And so like here we are, we started out to write a book on this subject that would become a number one bestseller on Amazon in various categories.

The Vaccine Injured Have Been Abandoned

Dan Skorbach:

Have you talked with vaccine-injured people? Can you tell us some stories? Or what were some of the most shocking examples that really propelled you into this journey?

Sally Saxon:

Well, I think what impressed me overall was that I heard—and it was a common thread, in several other stories—and many of the initial stories I heard were about healthcare professionals because they were some of the first in line to get the shots early on.

And some things they had in common, like the first few that I heard, they all had extreme shaking, and just all kinds of symptoms where they just couldn’t function. They had to quit their job.

So the irony is that the shot they took in order to keep their job ended up leading to them having to leave their job because they could no longer perform it. So you had a decrease in their family household income, but the expenses significantly increased, because their insurance wasn’t covering a lot of their expenses, their doctors were denying that there was any connection to the vaccine, and telling them that the problems were all in their heads.

And of course, because of their physical condition, their whole family life was disrupted, they could no longer do things with their kids that they had always done. I mean, everything changed and got turned upside down. And they were feeling abandoned by everyone.

The government wasn’t helping them, and the drug companies aren’t helping them. Nobody’s helping them. And, you know, that’s why it’s so heartbreaking. And a lot of people just even are aware of the full extent of what these poor injured victims have had to go through. And so that really tugs on the heart.

Dan Skorbach:

It does, indeed, especially when it comes to medical professionals who put their lives on the line to try and save so many people during the pandemic. And they didn’t get injured by the pandemic itself, but by these shots.

Sally Saxon:

And then your employers were another person who abandoned them in some cases. When they had to leave their employer, their employer wasn’t helping them either with their problems. So they’ve suffered and different people, of course, had different degrees of injuries. So what I was just describing wasn’t necessarily true of all of them. But there are a lot of people for whom that story is just an example of what they’ve suffered. So it’s not a small number of people.

Injury and Death Beyond All Safety Thresholds

Dan Skorbach:

Do you want to give us some specific examples that you’ve learned or you found through your research that made you feel like this vaccine must stop? Because you told us that you felt like you needed to write a book to stop the vaccines. What were some of these facts that you learned that really validated this conviction that you had?

Sally Saxon:

Okay, well, in terms of the harm that was suffered, there were a lot of different things. You know, Jim Thorp, for example, his specialty is OB-GYN. And he looked at the statistics of miscarriages or stillbirths that have just gone through the roof. And he uses the terms ‘catastrophic’ and just ‘disastrous,’ in describing the effect of the COVID vaccines on pregnancy. So the numbers and percentages of increase are just through the roof.

One of the very first statistics that surprised me was if you look at the previous 30 years of data of reported injuries from vaccines to the vaccine adverse event reporting system there and then you compare that with even just the first year of injuries reported to VAERS after COVID vaccines.

Well, actually I have a chart here. So over here, starting in 1990, and then going here, you can guess what year this big tall bar is. That was 2021. And that’s just looking at the deaths that were reported to VAERS. So you’re comparing just one year of COVID data with the previous 30 years of all the other vaccines combined. And you see this astronomical increase, that is a very powerful statistic there.

And you would think that would be a major safety signal, that would have triggered a pause, or a stop in the vaccine campaign. But it didn’t. And even comparing it with the swine flu vaccine campaign from 1976, when they had two months into the campaign, they had only about 25 deaths or so. And in many cases of Guillain Barre syndrome.

And they stopped the campaign after just two months—saying that even though there was a small possibility that there might be more cases of this, was enough. And that’s on the CDC website, where the CDC was saying back then, just even the small possibility of an increase in this kind of adverse event from the vaccine necessitated the stopping of it. And yet, we reached that threshold with COVID vaccines, probably less than one month into the vaccine campaign. And here we are over two years later, with exponentially greater injuries and deaths reported after the COVID vaccines, and it still hasn’t been stopped.

Dan Skorbach:

So you’re saying it should be very obvious that we should stop the vaccine, stop this campaign, this widespread campaign of vaccination?

Sally Saxon:

Yeah. And, you know, one of the things that surprised me too, was when there were so many safety signals—hundreds of safety signals—starting early on that would show that, hey, there’s a problem here, we need to at least stop and investigate what’s going on with this.

But they didn’t do that. And they just totally ignored the data and time after time after time. And so the doctors and other professionals who are speaking out like Jim Thorp, Dr. McCullough, many, many other doctors, crying out for these jabs to be stopped, because of all the data, just every month, it gets worse and worse and worse. And still, the data is totally ignored. And it’s the government’s own data. They’re not even adhering to their own guidelines for when a particular drug should be taken off the market. I think it’s 50 deaths associated with a particular drug. If it reaches that point, it should be pulled off the market. And we’re way beyond that. And so what one thing that surprised me was the people who are pushing the campaign at the top levels—why are they so hell bent on getting this shot into every arm of every person on the planet? And that should cause people to stop and think, about what this is really all about?

“Bigger Agenda at Work”

Dan Skorbach:

So why do you think this is being ignored? Why do you think they are ignoring the various data?

Sally Saxon:

Because there’s a bigger agenda at work here. And in part four of our book, it talks about the big picture that all things COVID fit into, including what is in the vaccines. And what a lot of people don’t know—they’ll see things kind of out of context. But when you look at the whole picture this is part of a much bigger agenda. A lot of people say, oh, conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory, but actually—there is conspiracy. But if you look at even some of the statements, one, I quote in the book from David Rockefeller, who was one of the top globalists—a lot of people call them globalists. He even admitted that his family was part of a group that was actually working against the best interests of the United States. That was even in his memoirs.

And when I first heard that, I couldn’t believe he had actually said that. So I went to the library, checked out the book and saw that he did in fact, say that. So there’s a much bigger agenda at work here, which, if you understand what it is, it explains a whole lot. It explains why so many different things are happening that don’t make sense.

And as a former attorney, I look at the evidence and when things don’t make sense—I look at why it is not making sense. Just like in this case, where there’s so much data showing so much injury from the COVID shots, and they’re ignoring the data, and not even pausing the vaccine campaign? Why is that? That doesn’t make sense. And so you’ve got to look at the big picture, and that affects more than just health, it really affects all different aspects of our lives. And this is just one part of it. And so in order to advance the agenda of the globalists, they ignore this because they want to pursue something else.

Dan Skorbach:

So when you checked out the book, and when you looked at the quote from Rockefeller, what did he say? What did you learn?

Sally Saxon:

What I learned, basically, he admits that their family has been part of a group that has been pursuing an agenda to form a more integrated political, social economic order around the globe. Some people call it the “New World Order”—one world government type of thing. And that’s what they’ve been leading to. And as we saw in the measures taken in 2020, with the masking and the lockdowns and just the social distancing, and restrictions. And then later when the vaccine passports came in— if you didn’t have a vaccine passport, you could not go to certain restaurants or the gym, or various other places you couldn’t get in. And so different measures of control are in the works. So we had a taste of it already during these past few years, but there’s a whole lot of other things that are part of the bigger picture. If we cannot stop this, it will continue on a path that probably most Americans would never support, if they knew what that agenda was.

Data Manipulated in Plain Sight

Dan Skorbach:

How do the lockdowns, masking and vaccines facilitate this agenda? If you say it’s globalization or one global governance, how does the individual vaccination, or the lockdowns for an individual facilitate this agenda?

Sally Saxon:

It’s about control. They can create a crisis, or take advantage of a crisis that naturally occurs. But they have certain methods. And the big thing is deception, because, as I mentioned a moment ago, if most people were aware of what the bigger globalist agenda was, they would never go along with it or support it. And so that’s why it’s so important for people to become aware and be informed of the bigger picture.

The methods of deception are really staggering. And that was one of the things that surprised me about this. I’m sure you’ve interviewed several other people who talked about how the CDC and Anthony Fauci and the drug companies and others are just lying to the public about all kinds of different aspects of all things COVID. So that deception was carried out to a degree that really surprised me.

I was already aware that they would do this, but there’s so many different ways that they use to deceive people, to get them to go along with what they want to do. And just when it comes to just the vaccines alone, there were many, many claims that were made. So I’m looking for evidence supporting those claims. And either in some cases, there was no evidence at all, or it was data that was manipulated, or data that was misrepresented. And in some cases, they would misrepresent their own data. And there’s different kinds of ways that they deal with that.
For example, Jim Thorp gives an example of one of the Pfizer reports. This came out early on in 2020-21. It showed that a certain number of women who were pregnant had a miscarriage. Well, based on his analysis, and looking at the numbers, it was about 80 percent of the pregnancies that they knew the outcome resulted in a miscarriage.

And yet, they would take their data and not even count the number of cases where they didn’t know the outcomes, which was the majority of them. So it’s kind of like looking at their own data, they represent it as only maybe 12 percent of miscarriages. Whereas when an expert like Jim Thorp looks at it, he says you can’t count the outcomes that they never followed up on, you can only count the outcomes they know about. And the ones they know about, it was 80 percent. So there’s just many different ways to cover up the data, the truth, and what the real situation is.

Taking Personal Responsibility

Dan Skorbach:

What does this mean for the individual and for their health? What should just an average American do right now?

Sally Saxon

We need to take more personal responsibility. Americans are so used to going to a doctor and hoping there’s a pill for this problem or a pill for that problem, or some easy solution that takes the responsibility off of them to take better care of their own physical bodies.

So taking greater personal responsibility is one. But that includes also understanding what is the cause of disease? And how do you strengthen your immune system? And how do we gain better health? How can we do that?

If you go to doctors who are involved in functional and integrative medicine, or natural health, naturopathic doctors, homeopathic—there’s a whole different body of resources and treatments that they use, as opposed to those who went to traditional medical school and follow the allopathic model with the chemical drugs, and so forth.

And so it’s two, kind of competing models, but I think people just need to educate themselves more. How to use more natural things, and plant-based substances, that can actually help the body to heal itself, because it was designed to do that, if given the right ingredients.

We’re all very toxic, because there’s a lot of toxins in the air, and the water and the food and in different things. And so we’re all suffering from from that to one degree or another. And in order for the body to be most healthy, at an optimal level, we have to learn how to get rid of the toxins and give it the nutrients that it needs. Because as I’m sure you know, over many decades, our food has lost a lot of the nutritional value that it had. And so, how do we replenish those nutrients that were deficient?

Taking the Perspective of a Jury

Dan Skorbach:

You bring a unique perspective to this field, because you’re not a doctor, you come from the perspective of law. Can you speak to us from tha angle? What is the future? What are the next steps forward so that we can prevent this from happening again?

Sally Saxon:

Thank you for that question. Yes, becoming informed. First of all, and as you know, there’s many different kinds of media outlets. And there’s certain media that are following the official narrative, like the CDC, and so forth. And if people are getting their news, only from those major media outlets, they’re not getting the full picture in there—or maybe getting the wrong picture.

The Epoch Times and a lot of other media and independent media are very important sources of information that people need to look at. So part of it is keeping open minded, and not just being fixed and getting your information from one source.

I heard the other day, somebody who had listened to the major media, probably his whole life, and that’s what he believed. And so he was very surprised to find out later—he was vaccine injured himself—he was very surprised to find out there was this whole body of other kinds of reports and media. It was like he didn’t even know that a whole lot of doctors and scientists and other professionals were trying to warn about the shots and all that evidence and information that they had.

So people are gradually coming around, I think but it takes a decision to be proactive in your own life, and be open minded. I always encourage people to take the perspective of a jury when it comes to controversial issues, and [choosing] whose report to believe.

One test is, for example, if by taking a certain position on an issue, a person stands to gain something very valuable, like money, a job, or any kind of benefits—be a little skeptical of them, because they may have conflict of interest there, or bias.

But on the other hand, if a person takes a certain position on an issue, say like, Jim Thorp, Dr. McCullough—all the doctors who were speaking out and warning people about the dangers of the shots, if people are taking a stand on an issue, at the risk of losing everything, at the risk of losing something very valuable, rather than gaining something very valuable, then they’re probably telling the truth. Because otherwise, it makes no sense. Why would somebody risk their whole reputation? These doctors have been in practice for decades, they’ve worked very hard, built up an excellent reputation. An now they’re willing to risk everything—their reputation, their professional credentials, their livelihoods, many of them have lost jobs and positions. So that’s just one test of many. That’s maybe a subject for another day.

“No Fence to Sit On”

Dan Skorbach:

How about from a spiritual angle? Where do you think wished you were going? And where do you where do you think from from that angle? What do you think America needs to go to after such a test on a global scale of a pandemic of these vaccines of everything that that has happened? What do you think is next?

Sally Saxon:

Yeah, that’s a great question, too. And as we discuss later in the book, what it comes down to, is that, this is basically a war. And at its root, it’s really a spiritual war. You’ve got one group— one side—wanting to play God. Because what they’re trying to do on one side, is really, if you read Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution—it’s about changing what it means to be human.

And the combination of artificial intelligence with the human body. And I mean, there’s certain advantages, obviously, to artificial intelligence, and a lot of good things that can come from that, but there’s a lot of bad things as well. So you’ve got one group of people, trying to sort of play God, and change the essence of what it means to be human, versus having a personal relationship with God.

There is no fence to sit on in this war. I mean, we all have to take a side. And if we don’t proactively choose, I want to be on this side or that side, then the default is, you’re aligning with people on the side, seeking to play God.

And when you look at the whole COVID situation and how much deception there was, how much harm has been caused—it seems like the people at the top who are totally oblivious and just do not care how much harm that they have caused people—you see that it comes down to more than just corruption or greed. It comes down to just evil. There’s no other word for it.

So, which side do you want to align with, good or evil? And it’s hard for a normal person to imagine that people at the top, in positions of authority, can totally ignore and be oblivious to the harm and suffering of so many people, and not just from the shots, but as we know, from COVID too in 2020. A lot of people had their loved ones die in the hospital, and they weren’t even allowed to be with them, or to see them because of all the restrictions on contact with people in those kinds of facilities and it’s just heartbreaking what’s going on here.

And so it seems like a lot of people, during these past few years, were doing a lot of things that they wouldn’t normally do. So there’s a lot of things, but ultimately, it comes down to some spiritual issues. And so we all have to make that decision. By default, if we don’t make an intentional, deliberate decision, by default, we are on the side of evil. [On the side] of those who are trying to really change what it means to be human.

That’s why you see the health and freedom conferences, and freedom fighters seeking to inform people as much as possible like we do with the book. Seeking to spread the word, why people need to get involved and do something.

Part 2 coming soon.

This transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity by Anna Varavva.


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