BARIS: Trump only needs to win 3 states to be president

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During the Create Your Own Life show on Tuesday, People’s Pundit Editor and Big Data Polling Director Richard Baris sat down to talk about how Trump needs to win just three states to gain a second term as leader of the country.

Show host Jeremy Ryan Slate began, referencing an April episode of Timcast with guest Charlie Kirk, “he said, you know, that’s why they’re indicting Trump. The map has changed and what he means is that Trump would jsut need to win Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia and the Republicans could even lose Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania and still win, I think with 217.”

“So how has the country changed and how does that affect the election,” he asked.

Baris began by stating that Trump would also win Maine’s second congressional district, made up of northern Maine, and that another candidate like DeSantis “would lose.”

Baris said that the 10-year census recently came out, which occurs between every two to three election cycles, “which changes or reallocates based on population the Electoral College, how many Electoral College votes each state gets because the Democratic areas of the country are experiencing an exodus when it comes to state by state or state to state migration.”

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