Bay Area school spent $250,000 on program called 'Woke Kindergarten' as grades got worse

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A Bay Area elementary school is spending $250,000 on a radical program called “Woke Kindergarten.” Grades fell to lower levels once it was implemented at the cost of taxpayers. 

The taxpayer-funded program trains teachers on how to confront white supremacy, disrupt racism and oppression, and how to remove those barriers when it comes to learning, according to its website.

Tiger Craven-Neeley, a teacher at the elementary school who is white and a self-described “gay-moderate,” told the outlet that he is rather displeased with the Woke Kindergarten training.

He claimed he was informed that “disrupting whiteness” in the school was the primary objective and that the sessions were “not the place to express white guilt.” According to Craven-Neeley, he interrogated a trainer who utilized the phrase “so-called United States” and offered “Lil’ Comrade Convos” or lessons on the organization’s website that fantasize about a world without law enforcement, money, or landlords.

Another teacher who did not wish to be identified said that there is no room for those who have “dissenting” opinions. She also said that the curriculum was not working, citing low test scores.

“It slowly became very apparent if you were a dissenting voice that it’s not what they wanted to hear,” said the teacher.

Further details on the “Woke Kindergarten” program can be read here.

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