BBC Lib Staffer Fired for Labeling Jews as ‘Parasites,’ White People as a ‘Virus’

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The tale of Dawn Queva is one that should inspire outrage. Sadly, as much as one tries, it won’t conjure any shock or disbelief.

Queva, according to the New York Post, was the senior scheduling coordinator at BBC Three, the British public broadcaster’s edgier third option for those who find “Antiques Road Trip” a bit anodyne and prefer fare like “Stacey Dooley Investigates: Sex in Strange Places,” “The Totally Senseless Gameshow” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K.”

“The remit of BBC Three is to bring younger audiences to high quality public service broadcasting through a mixed-genre schedule of innovative U.K. content featuring new U.K. talent,” the station’s official remit reads. “The channel should use the full range of digital platforms to deliver its content and to build an interactive relationship with its audience. The channel’s target audience is 16-34 year olds.”

Well, one can say this much for Dawn Queva: Even though she’s 55 years old, much like 16-to-34-year-olds in general, she tends to support anti-Semites and anti-white racists more than the average individual, all in the name of wokeness.

On Thursday, Hollywood outlet Deadline first reported that Queva was facing disciplinary action after a series of Facebook posts were discovered in which she called the Holocaust the “holohoax” and said it was funded by the Rothschild family, referred to Ashkenazi Jews as “AshkeNazis,” and called Jews in general a “subcontinental Caucasian invader coloniser species.”

The Times of Israel would later find more fun posts allegedly made by Queva on Facebook, under the pseudonym Dawn Las Quevas-Allen, which — among other things — gave credence to the racial extremist Black Hebrew Israelite group. In one, she said that Jewish people were satanic imposters who had no right to “Israhell,” as she called it, adding that blacks were the “chosen people” and Judaism was the “synagogue of Satan.”

“Queva has been promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial on Facebook for several years,” the Times of Israel reported.

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