Ben Shapiro urges conservatives to fight back against woke ‘hijacking’ of the marketplace

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As more corporations bow to the whims of the radical left, The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro is urging conservatives to push back and create better alternatives.

It’s no secret that politics have seeped into the marketplace, with left wing activists relentlessly pressuring businesses to align with their views. Corporations, once despised by the far left, are now expected to take an official stance on the issue of the day, and are called out if they remain neutral, or god forbid, disagree with the masses.

In response, there has been a growing desire among conservatives to fight back, and create a marketplace where corporations need not be afraid of pushback from the woke mob.

In a recent op-ed, Daily Wire co-founder and editor emeritus Ben Shapiro slammed Disney for caving to pressure from the left, and pointed out that this is not an isolated incident.

“This is what left-leaning corporations do:” Shapiro wrote, “they listen to their most outraged left-wing contingent, and then parrot them. Instead of giving an answer proper to an employer besieged by employees threatening a walkout — telling the employees to get back to work or join the unemployment lines — major companies simply surrender.”

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