Biden 2024: Joe 2.0

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Joe Biden has formally announced his reelection campaign for the presidency in 2024. His track record includes record inflation, botched foreign policy, and the series of physical and mental blunders that plague nearly every public appearance. What would “Joe 2.0” mean for America? Seventy percent of Americans do not think Biden should run for president again, including most democrats.

If the theme of Obama-Biden 2012 was “Hope and Change,” then the theme of Biden-Harris 2.0 is “Gloom and Doom.” Joe Biden has a terrible record, but his campaign ad indicates that Joe 2.0 is just a placeholder for Kamala Harris. If Biden can make it across the finish line in 2024, he can slowly step down and let his Vice President take the reins. Trump also has a record to run on. Will his message of returning America to a position of exceptionalism, strength, and growth be enough?

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