Biden Admin Feeling the Heat of GOP Investigations, Now Holding Meetings in Rooms Used by Sec of War

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In a sign that the Biden administration is really starting to get worried, its lawyers are now holding meetings.

On Monday, NPR reported that White House lawyers and strategists are meeting in a suite of rooms in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building that were formerly used by the secretary of war.

This time, the rooms are being used to discuss a rather different kind of war as they are dealing with the several investigations of the Biden administration that have been launched by House Republicans.

There is a lot that the GOP is investigating Biden for, including, Hunter Biden, the weaponization of government agencies against conservatives, COVID and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Republicans have been speaking out on these issues for the past few years but never had the means to do anything about it. That is, until the 2022 midterms when they were able to regain control of the House of Representatives.

Now, the House Judiciary Committee is launching investigations that could be, at the very least, a massive headache for the Biden administration.

While NPR is naturally eager to downplay the investigations and instead shift the focus to leftist groups who are trying to call out the GOP’s “lies” and “hypocrisy,” the article does acknowledge that they could cause massive problems in for Biden’s re-election.

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