Biden admin pushes for medical gender transition of minors despite lack of support among Americans: poll

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Despite the Biden administration’s push against states that have passed bills that prohibit gender hormone treatments on children, a recent poll revealed that a large number of Americans oppose the usage of these hormones on minors.

In a YouGov poll published on March 21, and conducted between March 11-15, it revealed that 44 percent of Americans either somewhat oppose or strongly oppose the usage of puberty-blocking drugs on children.

11 percent said they somewhat opposed and 33 percent said they strongly oppose its usage. 17 percent said they strongly supported it, while 12 percent said the somewhat opposed it. An additional 27 percent said they weren’t sure.

This varied greatly by political party affiliation, with Republicans being most likely to strongly oppose at 61 percent, and Democrats being most likely to strongly support at 31 percent.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, there are limited research results regarding the physical and mental effects of transgender treatment for children.

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