Biden Admin Slaps Women in the Face by Giving ‘International Women of Courage Award’ to a Man

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How sexist is President Joe Biden’s administration? So sexist, in fact, that men are now even being given the International Women of Courage Award.

On Wednesday, in a ceremony led by first lady Jill Biden, the U.S. State Department celebrated International Women’s Day by honoring females who have made a significant contribution to the world in some way.

The recipients of the 17th annual award were an impressive lot, at least if one is to rely on the copy from a Sunday media release by the State Department.

There was Professor Danièle Darlan of the Central African Republic and former president of the Central African Republic’s Constitutional Court, who was honored for “her defense of her nation’s constitution, her heroism in safeguarding judicial independence, and her refusal to be influenced by threats or political pressure.

“Her final act as President of the Court before her removal by the government, in which she found that methods proposed to redraft the constitution were not legally sound, exemplified her unwavering commitment to the rule of law,” the media release stated.

Then there was Bakhytzhan Toregozhina of Kazakhstan: “Since January 2022, she has been the head of ‘Qantar 2022’ (January 2022) a coalition of civil society organizations working to assist victims and document human rights violations associated with the widespread unrest that occurred in Kazakhstan last January,” the release stated.

Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi of Malaysia, meanwhile, “has spent most of her professional life advancing and promoting human rights, selflessly advocating for vulnerable populations and using her platforms to shed light on injustices in Malaysian society.” She’s also the first female chair of Bernama, Malaysia’s powerful, state-run media outlet.

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