Biden admin vows to block abortion bans as more states pass pro-life legislation

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Following Idaho’s passing of a law that bans abortions past six weeks with minimal exceptions, the Biden administration has vowed Wednesday to ban bills such as this, and to uphold Roe v. Wade. Last week, Idaho was the first state to pass a six-week ban into law very similar in wording to legislation passed in Texas.

The bill amends one passed in 2021, The Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act, to expand upon its penalties for violations and civil causes of action sections.

The Idaho bill allows mothers, fathers, and family members to file civil actions to collect damages associated with receiving an abortion.

Damages in the total of $20,000 can be sought from medical professionals that attempted or performed abortions. These civil actions can be brought against abortion providers up to four years from the date it was attempted or induced.

Idaho’s bill states that abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected would be banned, which usually occurs around six weeks of pregnancy.

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